Androsterone (rone)
  • Androsterone (commonly referred to as rone or erone) is a steroid hormone with weak androgenic activity. It is a metabolite of testosterone which is produced in the liver, and can also be produced through the enzymatic conversion of DHEA, androstanediol, or androstanedione. Androsterone is naturally present in the urine, sweat, and saliva of humans, and is found in much greater quantities among males.
    • Most common chemical name: 3α-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-one
    • Molecular Weight: 290.440 g/mol
    • CAS Number: 53-41-8
    • Wikipedia Entry

    Summary of Reported Effects

    Androsterone is generally the primary ingredient in pheromone products purporting to impart alpha-male status on the wearer, such as A314, Wolf, and True Alpha. Field tests of this pheromone molecule on its own have shown that wearers of small amounts, generally around 2.5mcg, enjoy an elevated social status and are treated with a higher level of respect than normal. Users also report a feeling of confidence and of increased masculinity. At higher doses, androsterone seems to incite confrontational thought and behavior in the wearer and others, unless buffering molecules such as alpha androstenol or epiandrosterone are added. Androsterone is combined with androstenol in this way in James V. Kohl's Scent of Eros formula, which has been shown to increase flirtatious behavior from women toward the male wearer in Kohl's own preliminary studies.

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  • This morning I prepared a sprayer of pure androsterone at 2.5mcg per spray, fixed with FCO & monolaurin, and scented with about 25% Azari Chrome.

    I expected Androsterone to be somewhat more relaxing! For several hours after application, my skin felt hot and I was somewhat on edge. Not in a nervous way, nor in the outright aggressive way that a similar amount of androstenone might make me, but in a way that I can only describe as confrontational. I could see myself getting into some trouble with this stuff on.

    The only reaction I noticed on my morning bus ride was a hobo who seemed a little overly interested in me, like he wanted to pick a fight. A part of me wanted him to! I felt a little bothered, in a way that I was kind of watching myself feel this way.

    I did notice some increased task orientation and possibly increased focus as well. I got very little attention from young women, but the boss seemed more interested in supervising me closely and teaching me to do things his way. He's always liked alpha mixes and I'm guessing this is the ingredient he likes so much. It makes him really experience me as his protege. My boss is the kind of person who's always seen himself as a bit of a badass, and I think that's what attracts him to androsterone. It makes me come off like a warrior I think.

    This solo test is really illustrating for me why it's important to test every molecule on its own to understand what it's doing. Because, honestly, I expected rone to:
    1. Not do much of anything at this dosage, and
    2. Give off a kind of quiet, dependable, "dad" sort of vibe.

    That's the basic idea that a lot of the marketing stuff and conjecture has given me about androsterone, and I'm honestly not getting that at all from using the molecule on its own at this dosage. To me, this stuff is warrior king. It's intimidating because it is ready to take care of business, no matter what that might mean, and it is not ready to take direction.

    I was planning on testing it at 10mcg next, but I think I'll actually go for 2.5mcg.
  • At 2.5mcg, I found androsterone to be much less aggressive than at 5mcg. The self-effect was alert and confident, comparable to standalone alpha products like Wolf and A314. At this dosage it really becomes clear to me that rone is the basis for the alpha dog mixes. There is still some aggression here that occasionally needs to be checked, but I find it much more manageable at the 2.5mcg dosage.

    Androsterone at 5mcg felt like a prizefighter right before the fight. At 2.5, it feels a bit more like the morning before the fight -- a little keyed up but still cool, saving your energy. Dangerous but not threatening.

    I noticed some respect hits at this dosage: the bus driver spending extra time eyeing me and welcoming me onto the bus, an extra glance or two, clients being rather more agreeable and compliant than usual. Honestly, it's tough to see what most of the alpha-type work products have over straight androsterone at this dosage. I'd love to see some folks who regularly wear Wolf or A314 compare their favorite products to this stuff all by itself.

    The big exception for me is probably TrueAlpha, which I find to be unusually attractive and charismatic.
  • SeriousSmile posted this report on Hacking The Hive on October 11th, 2011:

    2.5mcg / Akuto cologne strength scent from Androtics

    Day one:

    I'm dating a girl now and applying 2.5mcg Rone 3 hours before our date, she is so confident in herself when I first met her but she feels like she needs to take my permission before talking. It was evident all through the night,then when I dropped her off later on, she gave me a peck on the cheek and told me, "please don't ever change". There was a couple sitting in front of us (married) and the woman kept stealing a few glances at me, and she is really obvious about it (she smirks every time I make eye contact).

    Day two:

    Spent it at my friends house. I was invited to eat dinner and his kid sister loves me so much when I have any type of Rone product on. She clings to me and brings her toys to play beside me. I was carrying her once and her mom wanted to take her to sleep but she refused by clutching onto me. I played along and ran, and she kept laughing and laughing. I was wearing True alpha around her the first time she started showing any interest. I have been friends with her older brother for couple of years and she always hates my guts before. It looks like she wants me to adopt her, lol.

    Day three:

    I went to a job interview and this young white lady (21-25) was interviewing me. After the interview, she told me that the position they have is not good enough for me, you fit into management position and all positions are full.  She took my number and said, the moment someone quits I know who to call.

    Day four:

    Went to wal-mart. The store is huge and I was going to buy something but this clerk told me it is best that I get something that is 10 times cheaper, and it works better, then started talking about things and waiting for me to praise her (validation seeking?)

    Day five:

    I went to the movie theaters, bought a small sized popcorn, and as I was going out, mid way through the movie, to the washroom, this man(supervisor) told me if I wanted more popcorn and that he can refill it out for me for free. I was like sure then excused myself to go to the washroom. When I came back, I saw an extra large popcorn waiting for me with couple of squirts of butter on it (YUM!). I thanked him and he said "enjoy it boss."

    Self effects? Feeling like a man and no excuses :)
  • @Fly originally posted the following on Nov 24th, 2011:

    Bottle content: 10 ml
    1% (0.1 ml) of Alpha-Dream’s Androsterone (1mg/ml)
    91% (9.1 ml) Ethanol 95°
    8% (0.8 ml) Dipropylene Glycol
    Total pheromone content: 100 mcg
    Quantity per application: 1.4 mcg/spray (140 uL)
    Effective duration: 2 to 3 hours

    2 sprays (2.8mcg)
    • Nothing perceivable. Not from me, not from others, except a slight feeling of centeredness. Little things just come and go and don’t stick to my mind bothering me;
    • Slightly improved confidence;

    3 sprays (4.2mcg)
    • Feeling clearly more confident;
    • Things that would irritate me a bit now piss me off entirely;
    • Feeling the need to talk louder than I usually do;
    • Feeling less refrained to speak my mind;
    • No perceived response from others. I have reported before that Alfa- Maschio works subtle, and I know it has Androsterone in it. I suspect it’s one of its most present ingredients.

    Wash application then...

    2 sprays (2.8mcg)
    • Trainee girl, age around 21, although giving me 2 IOIs (lip bite and hair flip, sequentially) seems to be a little uncomfortable with my presence. That complies with her last direct exposure to Alfa-Maschio. (I suppose there was residual Androsterone on my skin). Maybe her Cortisol levels rises/rised almost instantly when exposed to Androsterone.
  • Here's a better review than the one I've done a year ago. It's more on the mechanics of the molecule than on the effects themselves, but it should explain in greater detail the working of this important molecule. I'll try and release 'Portcullis' monthly with helpful articles.
    Portcullis, Issue I.pdf
  • I really want to encourage people to download and read Fly's newsletter deeply -- it is an incredible and important piece of work!

    Reading over this research has really helped me to make sense out of my first-hand experiences using androsterone as a pheromone.

    To my mind, Fly's deductions about the role of androsterone in the endogenous signaling system for tagging certain stimuli as important makes sense out of the observed status effects -- since we pay more attention to important people, we should assume that people who draw our attention must be important in some way. But in what way? This would be determined by other signals. So it could be danger, sexual Importance, social importance, etc. If you're tagged as too important, in a way that is incongruent with other factors, you draw out shit-testing behaviors. Or if you read yourself as being too socially important, you become impatient and aggressive. It all adds up.

    Additionally, this model of investigating putative pheromones could dramatically increase our real knowledge about a wide variety of substances very quickly -- because it suggests that the literature regarding the endogenous functioning of these neurosteroids may line up very well with their exogenous functioning as pheromones. This has been mentioned once before, years ago, by Dianne Winters, who probably studied the literature more extensively than anyone before her. Now, looking at Fly's compilation of (and brilliant extrapolation from) the research on androsterone, I'm starting to be convinced that this is true.

    Once we, as a community, begin to develop a language for interpreting between endogenous and exogenous effects of pheromonal substances, we'll be able seriously go farther than anyone has ever gone before in truly understanding the specific action and interaction between pheromones. I'm really exciting about this!

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