Experiments on the Androsterone Spectrum
  • For those who haven't been keeping score, the five androsterone molecules I've been testing for the last month are:
    • androsterone
    • epiandrosterone (also called beta androsterone)
    • DHEA (5-dehydroepiandrosterone)
    • 7-keto DHEA
    • DHEAS (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate)

    I tested each one on its own (although I still need to post summaries of my findings for DHEA and epiandrosterone), and for the last couple of weeks have been testing them in various combinations to see how they react together. These molecules ended up being much more interesting than I expected when tested solo, and they're ending up much more interesting in combination than I could have foreseen as well. You could basically make a pheromone career out of just using various combinations of these five molecules.

    Yesterday I posted about the effects of androsterone mixed with epiandrosterone:
    This morning I put on 2.5mcg of androsterone and 30mcg of epiandrosterone. A very satisfying mix that will remind most users of Instant Gentleman (actually more effective than IG, for me.) I had a surprisingly open and comfortable talk with the adorable secretary, with both of us feeling very much more at ease to say what was on our minds than normal. It was a similar situation meeting with clients. Everyone at ease, confident, comfortable. Me definitely in a leadership position but a natural leadership position, not based on intimidation. There’s a kind of sophisticated wisdom to this mix all on its own.

    When 7-keto DHEA was added to this mix, it gave a very nice, "fizzy," mood-elevating and relaxing effect.

    Today I wanted to see how the rone + epi-rone mix would interact with DHEAS. So I applied 2.5mcg rone + 30mcg epi-rone + 20mcg DHEAS. I was somewhat surprised to find that this mix came out feeling too soft! Since DHEAS on its own has some smooth alpha-type characteristics, I was actually concerned that it might turn the mix too far toward intimidation. But this was not the case at all. It actually brought out some of the betafying features of the epi-androsterone.

    The strange thing about this is that without the epi-rone, DHEAS does not appear to have a buffering effect on the intimidating nature of androsterone!

    Even more strangely, when I added 25mcg of 7-keto, it brought back some of the smooth confidence that was missing from the mix! On its own, 7-keto has no alpha characteristics that I can discern. But I have noticed that it seems to temper some of the youthful loss of status that DHEA can bring. I posted this quickie over on PheroTruth last night:
    Had to make a run to the drug store, so I spritzed on 25mcg of DHEA and 20mcg of DHEAS, and topped it with a little dab of Iso E Super.

    Zow! What a great social mix. I felt the verbosity and confidence of DHEAS along with the youthful good-naturedness of DHEA. The pharmacist was very pleasant with me and smiled at me the way you smile at someone you are very happy to have met.

    I found myself chatting him up very easily as he was typing in all my insurance info... this may also have been influenced by the Extrovert Personality subliminal I've had playing in the background for most of the day too.

    I'm finding these complex interactions between molecules to be extremely fascinating. It's amazing how many pheromone possibilities there are from just the five androsterone molecules. I've intentionally avoided adding in any molecules outside of this family, such as androstenol, in order to really see what kind of juice I can make out of these simple ingredients (although I did cheat a little last night with the Iso E). That strategy is really paying off now. It turns out you can do a lot!

    I'll collect my individual reports below.
  • Today is my first Androsterone Spectrum experiment. I applied:
    • 1.25mcg Androsterone
    • 20mcg epi-Androsterone
    • 10mcg DHEA
    • 10mcg DHEAS

    Something very attractive and charismatic about the mix. Good self-effect — confident, not over the top.

    It took a little while for my boss to start liking the mix. He loves heavy alpha-dog Androsterone stuff so I'm guessing the epi-Androsterone and/or DHEA started wearing off before the Androsterone did and that accounts for his change in response as the day went on. Delicious secretary gave me devilish looks all afternoon and made a point of leaning over in my direction.

    On my way out of work I re-upped so I could try a new permutation on the bus home.
    • 1.25mcg Androsterone
    • 20mcg epi-Androsterone
    • 37.5mcg 7-keto

    Self-effect is excellent. Immediate, smooth confidence. An old lady checked me out and I thought to myself ”of course, why wouldn’t she?” Got some side-of-the-eye from a black girl as I made my way toward the back of the bus. Must be some good markers of fitness in this ratio.
    • 2.5mcg Androsterone
    • 20mcg epi-Androsterone
    • 12.5mcg 7-keto

    Went to class, was feeling a little run-down and not very talkative. Still, everyone I came in contact with (all women) seemed to enjoy talking with me very well, often making deep eye contact, sideward glances, and throwing hair in my direction.

    I noticed one of the more reserved women (~28yo) repeatedly pulling her sweater closed to cover her breasts. Must've done it 10x over the course of an hour. Not sure if it's related. Interpretations from experts in the female arts are welcome.

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