Epiandrosterone (beta rone)
  • Epiandrosterone, is also referred to as beta-androsterone, beta-rone or epi-rone.

    Epiandrosterone is a steroid hormone with weak androgenic activity. It is a metabolite of DHEA via the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Epiandrosterone is found in the urine, sweat, and saliva of both male and female humans, as well as a variety of other mammals.
    • Most common chemical name: 3β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-one
    • Molecular Weight: 290.44 g/mol
    • CAS Number: 481-29-8

    Use as a pheromone

    Epiandrosterone is currently included as an ingredient in a number of commercial pheromone products, including:
    • Alfa Donna, Alfa Maschio, Certo, Corporativo, and Exotique from Alpha Dream
    • True Alpha, True Instinct, True Charisma, and True Radiance from True Pheromones
    • Wingman pheromone products from HAX Pheroceuticals
    • Based on its effects, some have speculated that epiandrosterone is a primary ingredient in Instant Gentleman from Androtics

    Summary of reported pheromone effects

    The pheromone effects of epiandrosterone have been fairly well-tested, both alone and in combination with other molecules. Users have reported the following effects:
    • Increases attraction from women; may induce sexual arousal
    • Increases sexual arousal in the wearer
    • Puts the wearer at the center of attention
    • Increases respect and attention from males with no apparent intimidation
    • Mood elevation; induces tendency to interpret situations in a positive light
    • Increased motivation and enthusiasm
    • Increased likability

    Where to buy Epiandrosterone

  • I put on 20mcgs of epiandrosterone this morning on my way out. Didn't notice anything on the bus to work, except that the basil scent is very nice!

    At work, my supervisor seemed more keen than usual to teach me his ways, which may have been a hit.

    The adorable 21-year-old office manager was also more into talking with me than usual. I also noticed that when I was standing close to her desk talking to her, she slid her hand right up in between her thighs! Good eye contact too.

    The cleaning lady was giving me shit, as usual, but I was able to easily steer it away from the annoying and into the funny.

    I didn't notice much in the way of self-effects, but after applying another 20mcg a few minutes ago I notice that I am feeling a bit more energized.
  • I've seen a couple Androsterone-like responses from guys, too. On the bus they will make sure there is plenty of room for me, but also kind of glance over as if to see what's the right way to react.

    This stuff makes me a bit of a horndog, too.
  • Yesterday through all situations I saw a consistent effect of situations being turned positive. Not like a sensory effect. Like, I interpret whatever is happening in a positive light, and I think the people around me are doing the same.
  • More impressions:

    Last night had a date night with the wife; dinner, a movie, and some hanging out in between.

    Over dinner I noticed I was feeling really positive, and she seemed to be as well, even though the conversation was not particularly rolling. I wished I had some Alpha Androstenol to put on to get the social bit flowing more, and yet the mood was very good and we were enjoying ourselves.

    For the movie we saw Green Lantern in 3D, which was by all measures a terrible movie -- not very well-written, completely formulaic, very slow-moving. Even the 3D effects weren't really well done. And yet I was happy to sit there enjoying it the whole time. Fully conscious of the flaws, but not minding.

    After the movie I had the same feeling of being in a good mood but not having much to say; by this time I had slipped a sprayer of my everyday mix (neno,Alpha Androstenol,Beta Androstenol,Androsterone) into my pocket and applied a spray in the bathroom before leaving the theater. This really brought the effects up to speed and we had a nice light-hearted walk home with plenty of pleasant conversation.

    This morning I had an early meeting with someone important at school. I had never met her before and had an important issue to talk over, but felt confident enough in the effects of epi-Androsterone by this time that I felt safe testing it. The meeting went great, she was very helpful and gave me exactly the answers I was hoping for. She even mentioned how easy it was to be in the room with me and what a nice presence I gave.

    I get an Instant Gentleman kind of vibe. I want to try anchoring this with some Androsterone.
  • @Fly originally posted the following on Nov 24th, 2011:

    Bottle content: 10 ml
    10% (1 ml) of Alpha-Dream’s Epiandrosterone (1mg/ml)
    82% (8.2 ml) Ethanol 95°
    8% (0.8 ml) Dipropylene Glycol
    Total pheromone content: 1 mg
    Quantity per application: 14 mcg/spray (140 uL)

    2.5 sprays (35mcg)
    • Increased looks in the subway – Estimated age range: from 18 to 22;
    • Increased self-esteem and confidence - I feel less refrained to speak my mind and I talk properly loud so people can hear me without being too loud;
    • Slightly increased feeling of disposition;
    • Increased likeability – people seem to like me more, especially girls;

    Additional 28 mcg application 40 minutes after the initial application
    • No perceived increase of effects;

    3 sprays (42 mcg)
    • More likeability, especially from girls. A social kind of likeability, acceptability, fluidity. I did not perceived anything sexual or romantic;
    • Effects of this dosage seem to be, so far, less pronounced than the previous 35mcg application;

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