Eau Naturale – A Pheromone Mix Based On A Healthy Male’s Natural Pheromone Output
  • This is a mix I've wanted to make for a long time! Ever since I came across the 1988 quantification study which measured the odorous steroids being produced over the course of one day by healthy adult males. What really gave me the idea was nbully's brilliant idea to calculate the actual microgram quantities based on the numbers in that study, which I've mentioned many times before.

    As mentioned in that post, androsterone and DHEAS were not included in the study, but they can definitely be presumed to be present in the sweat so I included one part pf each in the mix. So my Eau Naturale 1.0 mix is:

    Androstenone : Androsterone : DHEAS : Alpha Androstenol : Beta Androstenol : Androstadienone : Androstadienol (5,16-3b).
    1 : 1 : 1 : 4 : 1 : 10 : 2

    where 1 part = .625mcg per spray.
    With about 6% fragrance oil (Acqua Di Parma type from The Fragrance Shop, yum)

    This mix represents an experiment to find out how people respond to a pheromone signature that is a completely average ratio of pheromones which has been elevated in quantity. Then once this has been tested we can start playing around with those ratios to see what happens to the overall profile. But I honestly wasn't expecting too much in the way of observable results, because like I said, the ratio is average.

    I gave this mix a first run yesterday at my neighborhood Starbucks, where I go to get some work done on my laptop. I applied three sprays, for a total of 37.5mcg of pheromone: 18.75mcg of androstadienone, 7.5mcg alpha androstenol, 3.75mcg androstadienol, and 1.875mcg of everything else. Those familiar with these molecules know that these are not very high levels at all!

    I was absolutely taken aback by the responses! This mix grabbed way more attention than I ever expected it to!

    Pheromone Self-effects

    • The self-effect was somewhat interesting and difficult to describe. As strange as it may sound, I felt normal, but somehow I felt more of whatever it is I feel usually. I felt extra-normal! There was a brief period after application where I noticed some decreased focus.

    Pheromone Social effects

    • Two girls sitting to my left (~21yo) each began tossing their hair toward me at a rate of approx 4-5 hair flips per hour. This began about 15-20 minutes after sitting down. After 40 minutes, one of them began twirling her hair persistently toward me. Each of them made several furtive glances in my direction as I worked.
    • Girl across the room who I'd seen a few days earlier (And exposed her to beta-androstanol) greeted me and smiled as she got up to walk to the bathroom. She was fussing with her hair in my general direction the whole time as well. When one of the girls to my left got up to find a power outlet, girl across the room watched me carefully to see if I was checking out the other girl.
    • Soon after power outlet girl crossed my path to return to her seat (carrying a draft of mone-cloud with her, no doubt) both girls looked over with DIHL. There was eye contact with each in succession. After I returned to my work they both began looking over at me much more frequently and obviously.
    • Girl directly in front of me looked over at me every 10 minutes or so as well, establishing eye contact a few times. Notably, a friend met up with her and they left together -- this girl looked over at me prolongedly as she gathered her things.
    • I didn't come into contact with any men, so I can't say how males will respond to this mix.

    I'm really surprised how attractive this mix seems to be!! I can't wait to test it in a more interactive setting (or when I don't have actual work to get done.)

    Future Versions of this Mix

    One of the first things I wondered while wearing this mix was what would happen if I bumped up the enone content. Honestly, I think some permutation of this mix is going to end up being the ideal base mix to test other molecules on top of. Once you have the baseline healthy pheromone profile established, my theory is that added signals will be expressed more fully.

    There are a number of molecules I want to add to the mix too, such as pregnenolone, epiandrosterone, androstanone, and DHEA, which are present in natural sweat, they just haven't been included in the study I based this mix on. There are a bunch of steroid molecules present in sweat that we haven't even begun to explore yet - androsterone sulfate17-oxo-5α-androstan-3α-yl sulfate, 17-oxo-5-androsten-3β-yl sulfate, 3β-hydroxy-5-pregnen-20-one, 3β-hydroxy-5-pregnen-17-one; 3-sulfanylhexan-1-ol (3), 2-methyl-3-sulfanylbutan-1-ol (4), 3-sulfanylpentan-1-ol (5), and 3-methyl-3-sulfanylhexan-1-ol (6).

    There are a number too, like dihydrotestosterone, which are controlled substances, so testing their pheromonal properties really isn't feasible. It's almost surprising that this 1.0 Eau Naturale mix is effective at all, given how many molecules are missing from the natural profile.

    There is also the issue that levels of individual pheromones vary based on environment, mood, nutrition, activity level, etc. What we're starting out with here is an average. By tweaking these ratios slightly, we may be able to subtly, but effectively, suggest some of the traits we've been practically screaming with cruder mixes.
  • Eau Naturale 1.1 – Pheromone Wizardry

    "Our minds reach out to touch everything we see. If we look at distant stars, then our minds stretch out over astronomical distances to touch these heavenly bodies. Subject and object are indeed confused. Through our perceptions, the environment is brought within us, but we also extend outwards into the environment." - Rupert Sheldrake, "Seven Experiments That Could Change the World", pp.106-107

    I really don't say this kind of thing very often, guys, but I'm telling you now: it's time to grab a cup of coffee, buckle up, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of a report on what should otherwise have been--and by most objective accounts probably would still be--a perfectly ordinary Wednesday. I started out the day with one spray of my new Eau Naturale 1.1 mix.

    Now this mix is a substantial variation from the 1.0 model. First of all, I added in more molecules -- DHEA, Neno, 7-Keto, and Epiandrosterone. I also tweaked more of the ratios than many of you (and most of me) will think it was wise to do all at once. Perhaps the biggest change of all was that I was all out of Androstadienone! You'll remember that A1 was the number one component of the 1.0 mix! I kind of expected this mix to fail, just because I had changed so much at once. But the tweaks were based on a good deal of previous experience with the molecules involved, and especially the way they tend to behave in mixes. Still, I never could have expected what would happen…

    First, the mix. Where 1 part = a single drop of 1mg/mL concentrate into my 5mL sprayer, or .625mcg of pheromone per spray:
    • 1 part Androstenone
    • 2 parts Androsterone (previously 1 part)
    • 2 parts DHEAS (previously 1 part)
    • 4 parts Androstenol
    • 2 parts Beta-Androstenol (previously 1 part)
    • 2 parts Androstadienol (5,16-3b)
    • 1 part DHEA (newly added!)
    • 1 part 7-Keto DHEA (newly added!)
    • 1 part Epiandrosterone (newly added!)
    • 2 parts Pregnenolone (newly added!)

    All of this scented with the captivating scent of LPMP's Love Potion #9.

    The self effect at 1 spray is hard to believe! Just 11.25mcg of total pheromones and I feel so relaxed and confident. One of the mellower and more well-rounded self-effects that I've ever experienced! Not a rush. It's a feeling like after a great meal, where you ate exactly the right amount to be satisfied.

    What is this magic?? Playing with ratios like this is a whole other thing than anything I've ever done before. The quantities are so small I can't believe the effects. As I write this I am still left feeling mellow and satisfied, and found myself being somewhat relaxedly playful, like a big old cat laying on its back and batting at a ball of yarn. As I write this, I realize that my style of writing is affected by the refresher spray I applied 10 minutes before jotting these last few notes. I am more naturally metaphorical and associative. I feel comfortably creative.

    I'm just trying this out at the office, so my audience is very limited. Conversations with my boss have been excellently smooth. There's a kind of collegiality in this mix. Something inexplicably reassuring. Perhaps something of a southern gentleman here -- sensual, easygoing, perhaps slow-moving but still effective. Like no energy is being wasted. No wasted tension at all. Smooth experience. Some promotion of team ethic and individual productivity. My boss has been very stressed lately (bad things happening in his life), and this mix appears to have calmed him and helped him focus as well.

    After work I reapplied 2 sprays (and dabbed on however much had leaked out around the nozzle of the crappy Androtics to-go sprayer I mixed it in). The feeling is amazing. I like everything! The rich, mellow confidence of this mix is astounding.  I could go on and on about it. I was going to try on some shoes and ended up dropping into a clothing store. I bought a whole bunch of stuff! Everything just looked so good. I could effortlessly see myself wearing things I wouldn't ordinarily wear, thinking about expanding my range of possibilities. I tried them on and ohhh yes I look great and feel comfortable in that :D This is some kind of success juice. It expands a person's degrees of freedom.

    At the risk of being accused of magical thinking, I will note that the whole experience seemed so peppered with serendipity that I wonder if this mix could trigger some kind of natural synchronistic attunement. A pheromone signature in resonance with the acausal connecting principles of nature?

    Walking into the shoe store I had a wrapper from a coconut bar I was eating, and walked over to the counter to ask the checkout girl (who was in the middle of ringing someone up) if she had a trash can. She just said "oh it's on the other side" without thinking twice. I walked over to the other side and went right behind the counter and dropped my wrapper in the trash back there, she never even glanced at me. Not like she was ignoring me -- like I belonged there! This was an interesting effect I noticed a couple of times, a kind of natural occupation, belonging everywhere, no resistance, no boundaries.

    Later, I had asked about a particular shoe they didn't have in the store, and ended up standing behind the counter with both of the hipster shoe clerks, with them going through every single page of the Dr. Martens website for me to find the one I was looking for, just so I could buy it online! There were other customers petering around the store! I felt so at ease and natural just talking with them and hanging out there.

    This great day was capped off when, on the way home, a pretty girl I had sat beside got up and looked straight over at me and smiled really sweetly on her way off the bus. Like I had just done her a favor, or like we had known each other for a while. Not exaggerated, just subtle and sweet. We had made no eye contact or anything of the kind prior to her standing up. I was just sitting there fiddling with my phone.

    And the great self-effects just continued on the walk home. My neighborhood looked so wonderful and I thought how nice it is to live in such a beautiful area. Happily munched on some dinner while catching up on the forum. Even my cats were unusually pliant, softly nestling into my side with none of their usual invasiveness (they're usually very invasive critters.)

    There's something so very social about this mix that I'm having trouble breaking myself away from writing this even though really the report is done!! We're talking about some 5mcg of anol and 2.5mcg of bnol -- NOT a big dose of social molecules at all. But the DHEA and epi-rone no doubt play a role. And the ratio. The resonance. It's really the ratios, not the quantities at all. You can sort of power out some effects with high dosages, but if you have the right ratio there is no need. I'm actually really looking forward to wearing this new 1.1 mix in both professional and social situations. At 4-6 sprays this could get extreme. This stuff is powerful.
  • I wore this mix (v1.1) again today at 2 sprays. The boss talked my goddamn ear off all day long. I’m not sure if he was just in a weird mood?

    I reapplied a couple sprays before leaving. On the busride home, a 50yo black lady who I’d been standing next to at the bus stop got on the bus after me. I sat down and put my backpack on the seat next to me. Lady came and sat down between the bag and another woman, even though the entire other side of the bus was vacant. After a second, she changed her mind, and stood up and said to me “I’m going to sit on the other side of you.” And so she did! Late-20s girl across the aisle kept looking into my eyes, smiling, and then pretending to fall asleep. Cute.
  • Today I wore 6 sprays of v1.1 to a huge art & design show where I was getting some Christmas shopping done.

    There’s something more passionate and artistic about this mix than I originally detected. Several times people I spoke with immediately assumed I was also an artist. I was wearing just a t-shirt and some nice Kenneth Cole jeans. But I gave off a vibe that was very artistic; people wanted me to come out and visit their studios and even to move to their hometowns! (and I’m thinking about it! the guy said “people like us are everywhere out there.” People like us! I’d met him like 60 seconds prior! I love this!!)

    There’s something very attractive about this mix also! I can’t even count the number of sexy women of ALL AGES who made deep eye-contact with me, smiled and mouthed a greeting, giggled nervously, struck up conversations. One very pretty artist who was 40 years old (and she blurted this out within a couple minutes of meeting me) took a particular shine to me, seemed a little nervous like she had a crush on me, initiated some light kino (with trepidation, as though she wanted more). She really got into talking with me.

    The mix is slightly intimidating in a way that you just feel like the coolest guy in the room. Literally everybody I made an offhand comment to immediately opened up and seemed to want to talk with me much more. One particularly interesting effect was that even if I would make an offhand comment to a couple, BOTH of them would respond positively and want to engage me further.

    I need to mix up another batch of this stuff already since my crappy Androtics to-go sprayer leaked like half of the juice. Next time I’ll use a higher quality sprayer. I’m torn as to whether I want to stay with the mix as it is to get some more testing in, or go ahead and bump of the Androstenone content by one or two parts. I’m also considering whether I should swap the erone:enone content, or leave the rone where it’s at and increase the enone. OR maybe I should leave everything as it is but add in a couple parts Androstanone? Any votes?
  • It’s also interesting to note that the self-effect didn’t kick in nearly as hard after the first run. I noticed this with the original Eau Naturale as well. Maybe the profile is so close to normal that it is rapidly adapted to by the wearer? Each of these mixes have felt, upon first wearing, somehow corrective. Then the next time, it just feels natural. Maybe playing it so close to the natural profile makes it easier to engage the natural feedback mechanisms built into the pheromonal production/detection system. If that’s correct, this could be a powerful technique for self-improvement.

    For example, want to become more social? Start with an Eau Natural mix, and every 5mL bump up the androstenols by 1 part. Same goes for androstenone to improve sex drive. Just a theory, but it could have a lot of potential if experience bears it out.
  • I really feel like this Eau Naturale experiment is improving my insight into what each molecule really conveys. When you have a broader spectrum somehow small tweaks make more of a difference, rather than less.

    Like Androstadienone , I’m starting to think conveys a message that I’m willing to compromise — willing to forfeit my needs in favor of yours. This explains the self-effects, the effects on women, and to a lesser extent the effects on other men: the self-effect of depression is a natural part of the compromise mechanism, it keeps a man from feeling too entitled; the calming, romantic effect on women comes from the feeling that they are getting their way; and the effect on other men — what Pago calls the Fukushima effect, of kind of having to get away before getting irradiated — could be a mixture of status-reduction and a crossover of the self-effect onto the male recipient.

    Androsterone I think more than anything conveys physical fitness. This is the original status indicator, after all, left over from the days when the meanest guy in the tribe got to be king. Too much of this stuff and people avert their eyes and do what they’re told. A little less and you’re like a prizefighter; maybe not seen as particularly capable in the modern context but you get the respect of manliness anyway. But balance it with a little androstenol, to signal social fitness, and you get a man who can not only lead and protect physically, but also socially! The beta isomer of androstenol seems to work similarly, but has more of a one-on-one communicativeness about it. It’s a kind of sharing molecule. I’d be willing to bet it’s produced in higher quantity in intimate situations than in larger social groups.

    I wonder what the optimal ratio of Androsterone to Androstadienone is to give a perfect “harmonious, collaborative leadership” vibe…

    And what ratio of Androstadienone to Androstenone might convey the message that you are a generous but ravenous lover…
  • As noted in the Favorite Intern thread, I've been trying EN 1.1/1.1b at the hospital over the past week.

    I was surprised right away by how much the mix seemed to reduce the level of critical evaluation I was getting. As the week went on, the effect took on an even greater flavor: Equality. The people who previously saw themselves as better than me, have come to see me as a collaborator and confidante. The walls have come down in surprising ways, with one female boss starting to openly express her feelings & frustrations about coworkers and clients in private, even cracking jokes -- this is something she never did before in the few months we have worked together. I don't get the feeling that there is a truth serum effect at play. Instead these changes seem like a natural outcome of certain shifts in the nature of the relationship.

    I haven't noticed any apparent intimidation effects on clients. In fact, thinking back on the ways that various individual clients have reacted to me over the past week, it seems they have generally been somewhat more emotionally open than usual.

    This version of EN could be a kind of great equalizer -- a truly egalitarian pheromone formula. I'm going to keep using it this week, but at some point I might switch to 1.1c, which has a few parts A1 added.
  • I just got hold of a sample of rone sulfate, and mixed up a quick sprayer of it at 1x (.0625mcg). I'll be trying it with EN 1.1b over the next few days. I think now that I've got a solid and usable mix, this is how I'll try to mostly test new changes -- by mixing the base with new components on the skin. That way I can easily play with the proportions each day.
  • I had a morning filled with clients and noticed that with 1 part rone-s added to a spray of EN 1.1b, the clients I saw demonstrated a greater level of openness and compliance than on previous meetings.

    Additionally, at lunch I noticed something interesting -- a couple people got transferred to another office recently, leaving the lunch table very quiet and introverted. It was like that today for about 15-20 minutes, when one of the doctors who had been more or less ignoring me started making chit chat and looking quite happy.
  • Incidentally, I just spritzed on another smidgen of unscented androsterone sulfate and noticed that it has a unique smell that is something like oatmeal. I've only smelled this before in one other place - Androtics P74!

    It's too early for me to tell whether the effects are similar. The self-effect seems somewhat energizing and pro-social, and the dose range others have reported positive effects from (~35mcg) is comparable...
  • Interesting stuff. So this guy was exposed to you for 15-20 mins and then the effects started to kick in?
  • Yep, he became much more social after sitting next to me for that amount of time. He usually just gets up and goes back to his office after he finishes eating, but today he stuck around an extra 5 minutes just chatting with me. Prior to that, he barely said anything.

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