Beta AndrostAnol (beta anol)
  • Beta-androstanol was originally introduced to the pheromone community by Alpha Dream during their 2011 blind molecule test. Beta-androstanol is described as "a chemical hybrid of beta androstenol and androstanone." It is a natural testosterone metabolite and an inverse agonist of mCAR (constitutive androstane receptor.) It is commonly referred to as beta anol -- distinct from androstenol (anol) and beta androstenol (bnol or beta nol).
    • Most common chemical name: 5α-androstan-3β-ol
    • Molecular Weight: 276.46 g/mol
    • CAS Number: 1224-92-6

    Use in pheromone products

    Shortly after the blind testing of this molecule was completed, Alpha Dream added it to their formula for the popular social enhancement product Glace. Glace is currently the only known pheromone product which includes this molecule.

    Summary of reported pheromone effects

    Testers have uniformly described beta-androstanol as a fun, social molecule. It seems to decrease anxiety, increase sociability and friendliness, and increase attraction from women. Reported effects include:

    Effects on Self

    • Calm, mellow, rational feeling
    • Mood enhancement
    • Chattiness, Friendliness
    • Reduced social anxiety
    • Increased fun-seeking
    • Increased self-confidence
    • Enhanced enjoyment of music
    • Increased focus and task orientation
    • Enhanced visual perception

    Effects on Others

    • Increased friendliness
    • Enhanced closeness, “opening up”
    • Mood enhancement
    • More “fun” and care-free in interactions
    • Increased interest in/attention to wearer
    • Increased/extended eye contact from women, especially women aged 20-25
    • Increased general attraction from women
    • Some repulsion and/or respect effects on males
    • Decreased argumentativeness in women similar to Androstadienone
    • Increased comfort in the presence of wearer

    Additional observations

    • “Fun” molecule
    • “Masculine and social with the ability to draw people into you”
    • Easier and better quality conversations while wearing
    • May pair well will androsterone for work, or with TAA & Alpha Androstenol for social mixes
    • Some potential for OD ghost effects
    • Feels like Androstadienone + Alpha Androstenol
    • “Icebreaker qualities”
    • Increased occurrence of sexual topics in conversation

    Where to buy Beta-Androstanol

    • No vendors are currently selling this molecule!
  • I recently had a chance to test this on its own over the course of a few days, at 10mcg, 25mcg, and 75mcg. In my tests 25mcg seemed not quite enough for a solo run of this molecule, while 75mcg seemed a bit too much. I suspect the sweet spot will be somewhere around 50mcg.

    My main testing occurred in my local Starbucks while I worked on my laptop.


    • I noticed some visual enhancement, a sense that things were brighter or prettier
    • I felt some increase in skin temperature, similar to what I notice with androsterone. I imagine this type of vasodilation results from a feeling of relaxation -- a comfortable dominance.
    • I noticed that I was paying attention more to my physical sensations. The sensations were not improved, as they might be with DHEA or androstadienol, I was simply more cognizant of them.
    • I experienced some overall improvement in my mood. I felt rather elated and funny, especially at higher doses.
    • At 75mcg, I experienced a "high" feeling, coupled with a headache that lasted quite a long time.

    Social Effects

    • I noticed the most social effects at the 75mcg dosage. I saw some increased flirtatious behavior from nearby young ladies, as well as an increased chattiness and willingness to engage me in conversation. At times it seemed as if every young woman in my vicinity was looking for opportunities to talk with me.
    • A ~21-year-old girl I had chatted with lightly and who had repeatedly smiled at me was there studying with a guy about her age. She seemed to make a point of physically distancing herself from him. His first impulse was to invade my space in a rather nonsensical way. I was seated at one of those big study tables, with a college girl seated at the head of the table to my left and one seat between us. The guy's study buddy was seated directly across from me. The whole other end of the table, including the seat next to the girl he was apparently not very ingratiated to, were vacant. He tossed his bag across the table to land it in from of the chair between me and the girl at the head of the table. Then he seemed to realize that this was an odd thing to do, and asked me if it was okay. I gave him a quizzical look but said sure. He sat down there for a total of maybe four minutes, before he decided that a smaller table on the other side of the room would be a better choice for the two of them to study. It took him a while to convince his study buddy to come along, and she commented to me that she was only moving over there because she needed an outlet for her laptop.


    This is a molecule that is definitely worth your time and money to try! There's something attractive and funny about it. Young girls seem to love it, while at least the one young male I encountered seemed quite confused. This could be advantageous is plenty of situations ;)

    I still need to find the optimal dose of this, which as I said is likely somewhere around 50mcg when used alone. But I think the stuff could also be very useful in mixes. I could see a spike of this b-stanol stuff doing good things to an all-arounder like True Alpha, or my Eau Naturale mix.
  • Thanks, @dbot.

    Apparently this molecule doesn't tell much when used solo. I have an habit of using single molecules at low dosages, so I might be missing their point.

    That being said, my base experience with this molecule is similar in character to what you have experienced and the users reported. I've tested at doses not higher than 15 mcg but I can confirm the raise in self-confidence and it's disinhibition effect. If a-nol disinhibts speaking mechanisms, and b-nol disinhibits secret-telling, deep conversation mechanisms, b-stanol apparently disinhibits behaviour. At least it did for mine, clearly! But what pheromones do for self-effects they almost always do for foreign effects, so there is a clue about this molecule. :)
  • Hm... thinking back on my experiences with this molecule, I'm not sure I'd say it disinhibited behavior. The girls vying for my attention behaved appropriately, but were too interested to resist looking for opportunities to chat. I'm not sure if the main signal here is social status or sexual status. Something rather youthful though, I think.

    I need to get back into this stuff. I'd like to know how it reacts with other molecules, especially in small amounts.

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