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    I've been wanting to try Aquagen for a while now and just finally got around to mixing up a sprayer of the stuff.

    It's perplexing that of all the people who bought the mix a few months ago when it was re-released, only a one person (eyeofra) has reported results! And those results were at 10 drops -- which gives nearly 120mcg of anol, 66mcg of androsterone, etc., so that's a very potent application! And, of course, all of the old reports from Love Scent were deleted from their forums. So really the world has very little record of what this mix does! [Edit: Looks like a few more reported on Aquagen as well)]

    Chris (from Alpha Dream) released the formula for this juice a little while ago, so I made a spreadsheet to calculate the amounts to add to a 5mL sprayer so that 1 spray = 1 drop of Aquagen. All drop values in the spreadsheet are for alcohol-based concentrates except for A1, which I have in DPG. If you were using an alcohol-based concentrate of A1, you would want to add 5 drops to your sprayer instead of four.


    I'm going to let my sprayer of Aquagen composite for a while before I use it so that I can be assured a well-integrated AQ experience ;)

    I have a feeling this will be a very nice mix for me. It took a good deal of restraint for me to resist adding bnol and neno to it, though. But I want to try it for what it is, before I think about changing it up like that.
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  • I took out my aged sprayer of Aquagen this morning and gave it a spritz before work this morning. It was my last day working with Hippie McBetterthanyou, so her attitude adjustment was likely due to that at least in part. But I think the Aquagen helped quite a bit: I found her to be much more chatty with me than usual, and while we worked she did less sitting-back-and-quietly-judging-me than usual... Instead, we worked much more collaboratively than in the past. Clients were respectful and in good cheer. Good stuff at 1 spray!
  • I seem to recall that Chris somewhat later stated that he thought Aquagen was best when used together with some Androstenone-heavy product. He actually mentioned Aqua Vitae by name, much to my surprise =D>

    I have had some really solid results using Aquagen together with 2 drops Domination. This is a very potent oil with only Androstenone and Androstanone in it. The oil is applied on my stomach area and I think for a younger guy one drop would be enough.

    One could probably make such an oil oneself. Isn't the rate usually twice as much Androstenone as Androstanone ? And I would make it a lot weaker, maybe something like 9 mg pheromones total in a 10 ml with DPG and some Lauricidin.
  • "Isn't the rate usually twice as much Androstenone as Androstanone ?"

    That seems to be what people use when they're picking up women, in any case.

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