Androstenone (enone)
  • The pheromone molecule androstenone is also commonly called enone.

    Androstenone is a steroid found in the sweat and urine of both male and female humans. It is also found in some pork products (bacon), celery, and truffles. Androstenone was the first mammalian pheromone to be identified. It is found in high concentrations in the saliva of male pigs, and, when sniffed by a female pig that is in heat, results in the female assuming the mating stance. Nearly half of all people are unable to recognize any odor when exposed to androstenone. However, the ability to perceive the odor can be acquired. Furthermore, women with sexual experience find the odor of androstenone less unpleasantthan those without sexual experience, indicating that androstenone may constitute a conditioned stimulus in connection with sexual activity. Because the odor of androstenone is generally considered offensive by those able to detect it, it is necessary to use a fragrance to cover its scent when worn as a pheromone. Bacteria present on the skin and in sweat can convert excreted androstadienone into androstenol and, in turn androstenone.

    Androstenone ( 5α-androst-16-en-3-one) and androstadienol both activate the OR7D4 receptor in the body and olfactory system
    • Most common chemical name: 5α-androst-16-en-3-one
    • Molecular Weight: 272.425 g/mol
    • CAS Number: 18339-16-7

    Summary of Reported Pheromone Effects

    Androstenone is the most controversial putative human pheromone, and also among the most widely used by pheromone enthusiasts. It is a primary ingredient in most pheromone products aimed at increasing a man's sexual attractiveness to women, such as:
    • Alfa Maschio from Alpha Dream
    • Turn Up The Heat and Ammo from Androtics
    • Aqua Vitae, Primitive, and Dirty Primitive from Liquid Alchemy Labs
    • True Instinct and XXX from True Pheromones
    • Wingman from HAX Pheroceuticals

    Notably, this molecule is not present in Scent of Eros or any product from Paradise 7, as these vendors claim that androstenone is not active as a human pheromone. Pheromone users report that androstenone produces aggression and sexual arousal. Female response to this molecule appears to vary based on ovulatory phase, with androstenone being most attractive mid-phase and most repulsive during menstruation. Women taking birth control pills do not seem to show this variance and in many cases show no response at all. Men have been reported to respond to androstenone with either respect and camaraderie, or with aggression and confrontation. Likewise, the male wearer of androstenone often feels a sense of carefree cockiness, which can sometimes turn to aggression. At doses above 2mcg, androstenone generally requires a buffer such as androstenol to temper its aggressive nature. Additionally, androstenone tends to diffuse at a slower rate than many other pheromone molecules. This means that after an androstenone-heavy product is applied, the application becomes steadily less well-buffered as the other molecules diffuse.

    Where to buy Androstenone

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