Alpha Androstenol (anol or alphanol)
  • The pheromone molecule alpha androstenol is commonly referred to as alphanola-nol, or simply androstenol. It is distinguished from its beta isomer, beta-androstenol, which possesses distinct pheromonal properties.

    Androstenol is a steroid hormone with weak androgenic activity. It was first isolated from boar testes and is well known to act as a pheromone in pigs and possibly other species. In the human body, it is secreted into circulation by the adrenal gland, and is present in sweat, urine, and saliva. It is synthesized from pregnenolone by way of androstadienol. The enzymatic pathway to synthesis is analogous to that which converts Testosterone to DHT in the development of male pattern baldness (Neurosteroid Activity of Androstenol).
    • Most common chemical name: 5α-Androst-16-en-3α-ol
    • Molecular Weight: 274.44 g/mol
    • CAS Number: 1153-51-1
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    Summary of Reported Pheromone Effects

    Alpha Androstenol is produced by both men and women and has effects on both sexes. It exhibits positive modulatory activity on GABA-A receptors and may have anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties. In a test at the University Of Warwick, Androstenol exposed men and women both rated women as sexier, warmer, and more attractive than when they were not exposed to Alpha-Androstenol. However, women also rated men wearing Alpha-Androstenol consistently higher on the attractiveness scale, while men consistently downgraded other men wearing Androstenol (Androstenol – a Steroid Derived Odor Activates the Hypothalamus in Women).

    Alpha Androstenol is generally reported to create a fun, upbeat, talkative vibe. Exposure to Alpha-Androstenol makes people feel more comfortable around the wearer, so he/she appears more approachable. Women who are exposed to Alpha-Androstenol tend to initiate social contact with males and are more likely to be friendly and receptive to males initiating contact with them. Androstenol may increase talkativeness and extroversion.

    Androstenol is known to be used as a sex pheromone by pigs. It has also been shown to increase secretion of luteinizing hormone in human females who are exposed to it, and may therefore physiologically prime women for mating behavior.

    Androstenol is used in a 4:1 ratio with androsterone in JV Kohl's Scent of Eros blend, and is widely used as an effective buffer for aggressive molecules such as androsterone and androstenone. A variety of social effects can be achieved by combining this molecule with beta-androstenol at various concentration, and these two molecules are the primary ingredients in most social pheromone products, including Glace, Instant Openness, Instant Honesty, True Opener, and True Communication.

    The general effective dose of alpha androstenol ranges from 5 to 50mcg. When over-used, alpha androstenol can cause giddiness, tiredness, headaches, and status reduction. However, some users have reported positive results from doses >100mcg.

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