Beta Androstenol (bnol or beta-nol)
  • The pheromone molecule beta androstenol (commonly referred to as betanolb-nol, or epiandrostenol), is the beta isomer of androstenol.
    • Most common chemical name: 5α-Androst-16-en-3β-ol
    • Molecular Weight: 274.44 g/mol
    • CAS Number: 7148-51-8

    Unlike alpha androstenol, this molecule does not seem to exhibit positive modulatory activity on GABA-A receptors. Although pheromone users widely report substantial effects from the use of this molecule, it is not widely recognized as a pheromone by scientists and its mechanism of action is not presently known.

    Summary of Reported Pheromone Effects

    Beta androstenol is widely reported to induce a sense of comfort, familiarity, and intimacy. At doses above 20mcg, it may exhibit a "truth serum" effect, causing both the wearer and those around them to blurt out thoughts which would ordinarily be censored. Some have reported that beta androstenol tends to increase sociability and approach behavior. At very high concentrations, >100mcg, beta androstenol has been reported to induce a level of disinhibition comparable to drunkenness. Others report that this dose range induces a meditative state.

    Many have compared the social effects of beta androstenol to its alpha isomer by saying that alpha androstenol increases the volume of conversation while beta androstenol increases the depth of conversation.

    Usage in Pheromone Products

    The first known beta-androstenol product was Androtics' Instant Honesty, which purportedly contained the pheromone in a 5:1 ratio with its alpha isomer. Recent versions of this product reportedly contain one additional unnamed molecule. Androtics' other main social product, Instant Openness, is purported to contain the reverse ratio of these two molecules. The discontinued Androtics product Come Talk To Me was purported to contain equal parts alpha and beta androstenol.

    Beta androstenol is also a constituent of the Alpha Dream social enhancement product Glace.

    Where to buy Beta Androstenol

  • Today I applied 70mcg of bnol atop a half packet of Perception gel, which I've been using as a base mix. So the base contains, in a time-release gel formula:
    • 20mcg A3 (anol)
    • 10mcg A2 (enone)
    • 10mcg A5 (erone)

    I've been using the perception gels as a nice base mix lately. Works out very well. Clean, simple, effective, and lasting.

    When 70mcg of beta androstenol was added, I experienced a most excellent beautification effect. Everyone I saw looked better than normal. I felt more empathy toward those around me, and exhibited increased verbal fluency. The things I found myself saying, too, seemed to come from a deep and soulful place. Those I came in contact with appeared to be experiencing a similar level of soulfulness and mental agility.

    This has always been one of my favorite molecules; I'm not sure why it took me so long to experiment with high doses of the stuff. I could see high-dose b-nol working really well with some cheerful alpha stuff like a nice ratio of alpha/beta androsterone, or perhaps some 4-androstenone.

    As the day went on, I came to realize something about high-dose beta-androstenol. It should not be worn in situations or around people you find exasperating. It really has the power to amp up those feelings as well as to amp up feelings of connections and appreciation. However, as I was wearing the stuff all day, and re-upped in the afternoon, it could also be that this effect was caused by a kind of burnout.

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