4-Androstenone (4-none)
  • The pheromone molecule 4-androstenone (commonly called 4-none) was originally introduced to the pheromone market by Alpha Dream during their 2011 blind molecule test. 4-androstenone is a structural isomer of androstenone, with the double bond at carbon 4 instead of carbon 16.
    • Most common chemical name: 5α-androst-4-en-3-one
    • Molecular Weight: 272.425 g/mol
    • CAS Number: Unknown

    Use in pheromone products

    4-androstenone is not known to be included in any commercial pheromone products at this time.

    Pheromone effects

    In 2011, this molecule was reported on by blind testers using 60-150mcg per dose. This is a very high dosage for pheromone molecules, and this molecule needs a good deal of testing at lower dosages before its stable effects can be recognized. However, reports from the blind testers were generally in agreement that 4-androstenone is a very social, mood enhancing, and playful molecule with some attraction and respect aspects. Effects included:

    Effects on Self

    • Mood elevation & spontaneous smiling
    • Increased sociability/chattiness
    • Increased self-confidence
    • Cocky, know-it-all vibe
    • Reduced hand-eye or general motor coordination
    • Increase feeling of physical warmth
    • Relaxation and comfort

    Effects on Others

    • Mood elevation
    • Increased attention & interest from women
    • Increased respect/deference from men
    • Increased compliance & suggestibility
    • Increased sociability
    • Increased compliments on wearer's appearance
    • Increased ease and comfort
    • Increased eye contact from both sexes
    • Increased emotionality in women

    Additional observations

    • Enhanced level of apparent familiarity
    • Enhanced social status
    • Wore off after 90-120 minutes
    • Increased playfulness
    • Space reducing
    • "A nice social that gives a sexual punch for sure!"
    • "If I had to name this sample I would call it 'mind control' because you could convince anyone just about anything while wearing this."
    • "Like TAA on steroids.... within 15 minutes EVERYBODY in the room was laughing and having a great time.... just about every one in the room made sure they took a a couple seconds to glance over in my direction. It was almost as if they knew where the fun was coming from. Like a 'knowing nod.'"
    • Effects seem to hit women harder than men

    Where to buy 4-androstenone

    • No vendors are currently offering this molecule!
  • I am finding 4-androstenone to be an extremely interesting molecule which is somewhat variable in its effects at this dose range.

    The social effects have so far been difficult to read. People seem to enjoy my company, but not want to take up too much of my time. I suspect that a status increase may be a prominent effect of 4-none, but I really need to test it out more to be certain.

    Depending on my mood, the self-effects can be very pleasant and comforting, or else a little tense.

    I have noticed what appears to be a reduction in compulsivity in certain cases, related to a reduced sense of social obligation. Wearing 4-none, I have at times experienced a feeling of immense comfort and confidence, as though I had the ability to opt out of ordinary anxieties. The potential for anxiety would cross my mind, but I would have enough space to decide on whether I would like to feel it. As though my perspective was widened -- could this be some kind of architect pheromone?

    I have in mind something of a Master Mason when I think about this molecule, a world-builder. It has sometimes really seemed to pull me out of the immediate drama toward thinking about what kind of social environment I’d like to be an active co-creator of.

    But then other times I have felt too drawn into the drama of wanting to make the social world what I want it to be.

    On the other hand, I also noticed that I became somewhat more reactive while wearing 4none. Perceived slights took on a new life, with me not only being quick to anger, but also having a more vivid and present social imagination. I found my mind swept up in possible causes and responses to a perceived injustice.

    Definitely something very social here. Related to status and social positioning, but possibly also related to the wider project of society-building. A kind of radical social activist pheromone, able to see through social expectations without being led by conditioning. A heightened sense of freedom to impose the social order that one feels is correct. It is reminiscent of androsterone in this way; I could see 4-none forming the basis for an alpha mix.

    I definitely want to test this at higher doses to see what aspects of the molecule become more pronounced. Based on some of the blind testing reports, it could be that joyous, freeing aspect of the molecule could begin to override its social struggle at higher doses.
  • delta-2-androstenone also has this 'master mason effect.'
    I was thinking about the topics of conversation while wearing that stuff and your description popped into my mind. It's fascinating that there seems to be a TRIGGER for this. Like, there's an "I have plans, big plans" receptor in men's minds?! And delta-2-androstenone does seem to predominantly impact men, it seems. At least from a day or two of testing. So the effect may be sexually dimorphic. ...wow.

    Ever think of testing this stuff at work?
  • It is really a trip to think about -- could human society function like ant society, with certain signals triggering particular active positions within the social order?

    I never got to do much social testing with 4-none and I'm trapped in a situation that is very non conducive to any kind of social experimentation for 3 more months. But once I get out of shitsville and back to civilization, I really do like the idea of an alpha mix based on this stuff. Maybe with some b-stanol or something like that, a little dheas maybe.

    I'll need to try out delta-2 as well.

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