Estratetraenol (est)
  • The pheromone molecule estratetraenol (commonly referred to as EST) is a steroid molecule metabolized from the sex hormone estradiol. It has no known estrogenic effects, but has been shown to exhibit pheromone effects in both human and non-human primates.
    • Most common chemical name: estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraen-3-ol
    • Molecular Weight: 254.366 g/mol
    • CAS Number: 1150-90-9

    Studied Pheromone Effects

    Estratetraenol was, along with Androstadienone, one of the first pheromone molecules found to exhibit gender-specific effects on primates. In humans, both A1 and EST have been shown to raise hand temperature in men and lower it in women. In the presence of a male experimenter, women exposed to both EST and A1 experienced an immediate increase in mood. Men's responses were unaffected by this social variable.

    Another study demonstrated that exposure to estratetraenol induces a hypothalamic activation in men but not in women. Women exhibit an activation of the amygdala and piriform cortex in response to EST exposure. These responses are reversed in the case of A1, representing the first scientifically demonstrated sex-differentiated pheromone response in humans.

    Interestingly, male-to-female transexuals respond to A1 the same as female subjects, and show a reduced masculine-type response to EST. Additionally, gay men responded to androstadienone in a manner congruent with the responses of heterosexual women. Furthermore, when smelling EST, lesbian women partly shared activation of the anterior hypothalamus with heterosexual men.

    Summary of Pheromone Effects from Field Reports

    Users of estratetraenol in the field have reported the following effects:
    • Relaxation and comfort; a "cuddly" feeling
    • Decreased social anxiety and inhibition
    • Men have reported mood elevation at all dose levels. Women have reported improved mood at the >50mcg level.
    • An increase in helpful and protective behaviors from others, especially from men
    • Improved communication and interaction; increased rapport and empathy
    • An "adoption effect" -- a tendency for people to want to physically bring the wearer with them
    • Some men have reported that in small amounts, EST can counteract the depression they experience from A1 use and even improve responses to A1. In larger amounts, EST has been reported to counteract the social effects of A1.
    • When worn by men at doses >100mcg, increased sexual attraction from women has been reported. Others have reported agitation in women at doses >75mcg.
    • Some users have reported increased dominant behaviors by men

    Use in Pheromone Products

    Estratetraenol is included as an ingredient in the following commercial pheromone products:
    • Realm for Men
    • Glace, Alfa Donna, and Achar from Alpha Dream

    Where to buy Estratetraenol

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