My version of Cohesion (and it's pretty good if I do say so myself)
  • 5 ml Sprayer- 150 drops, 30 sprays
    48.003 mcg of Mones per spray
    2 spray every four hours max for me

    A1 ------------------------------
    (110 mcg drop x 9 = 990 mcg
    (990 mcg ÷ 30 (Sprays) = 33 mcg)

    DHEA -------Pure Bulk------------
    (90 mcg drop x 3 = 270 mcg)
    (270 mcg ÷ 30 (drops) = 9 mcg)

    None ---------------------------
    (10 mcg drop x 18 = 180 mcg)
    (180 mcg ÷ 30 (drops) = 6 mcg)

    Alpha THDOC --------------------
    (0.1mcg drop x 1 = 0.1 mcg )
    (0.1 mcg ÷ 30 (drops) = .003333333333 mcg)

    4 drops

    P.A. ------(or a colonge)----------------------
    122 drops

    Self Effects:
    Laid Back, Cool, First Five minutes I'm as high as a kite.

    Affect on her:
    DIHL, Affectionate, adoring, doting, human Velcro.

  • Very cool! Thanks for sharing this!

    I just diluted my Alpha THDOC down to .1mcg/drop -- I want to give this recipe a try with my A1 from True Pheromones, to see if I get less depression than with the Alpha Dream A1 used in Steve's Cohesion.
  • I'm so glad that I'm not 1 to suffer from A1 depression. The DHEA is really good buffer of the none. There's still some adjustment for the best time release of the none. For me, there is a four hour window for play.
  • P.S.

    Replace the 122 drops of P.A. with a good colonge and the connection goes even deeper. I made one batch with some Chrome Colonge and when I applied it, I find myself in a Hypnotic state alot of the times, each breath is Euphoria. I guess the Deer in the headlights works both ways.
  • Oooo! and I must stated that colonge will add to the burn time. The 4 drops of DPG is Calculated with the colonge in the formula. Without the colonge I would go with a 12 drops of DPG, giving you an 8% formula of DPG, and 110 drops of P.A. (P.A. adjusted for the Increase in DPG).
  • I'm surprised you're not using monolaurin as your fixative. That stuff evens out diffusion time really nicely!
  • Dbot what is the best source for Monolaurin? Post link if you can, Please.
  • Just use 4 pellets in each 5mL sprayer and shake til they're dissolved. Or you can pre-mix 1 scoop per 106mL.
  • Thanks Kmacc. I'll have to spike it with a ng dosage of a-thdoc to see how it compliments it.

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