Deepak Chopra on Pheromones in Nature
  • Pheromones in Nature
    Excerpts from a book by the new age medical guru, Dr. Deepak Chopra entitled: What is the True Nature of Reality? The Basics of Quantum Healing

    assembled/edited by Bruce W. Boyd for the newsletter

    On plant pheromones:
    "A few years ago, scientists got interested in a group of hormones called pheromones that were produced by plants. So if you infect a plant, for example, with gypsy moth, the plants will give off hormones into the atmosphere called pheromones that immediately inform the rest of the forest that there's gypsy moth around - be careful. And the rest of the forest will immediately make the appropriate antibodies to protect itself. A plant is aware. It's got a mind. it informs the others, 'This is what's happening. Watch out!'

    On insect pheromones:
    "Insects communicate through pheromones too. You've seen termites build perfect columns in the dark with arches that meet at the top, perfect architectural designs. How do they do it? They communicate through pheromones. Sexual and mating behavior is also influenced through pheromones.

    On mammalian pheromones:
    "recently it's been found that these pheromones in fact may also be the molecular substrate of our emotions. An experiment was done at Stanford, a particularly cruel experiment, where mice were taken and were given electric shocks. After a while the mice were removed from the room. Other mice are brought into the room and as soon they enter the room they panic. They release stress hormones and cortisol because they have inhaled the pheromones of fear.

    On human pheromones:
    "now it's known that in fact for every single emotion that we have there is a counterpart, a molecular event that happens not only inside our body but in fact we release those pheromones as information substrates into the environment. So now when you say, 'l went into this room and I felt that the atmosphere was really tense.' That's physiological. When you say, 'I went to this holy shrine and I felt peace, love and compassion.' That's completely understandable from a physiological point of view. You say, 'I don't know what it is about this chap, but he certainly gives me the creeps.' That's also completely understandable."
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