• I have been working with this molecule for a while, but the project gets pushed aside ever so often when I purchase some new phero blend from SteveO or someone. New stuff must be tested a few times and mixes must be tried, then after a while it is back to the PEA stuff.

    I made a concentrate in PA that was roughly 2,5 mg per drop, this was ok for experimenting with sprays.
    Then I needed a stronger concentrate when I started working with oil, it got to be too much alcohol in the oil with the weaker one. I found that in my case I could get a concentrate that was about 4,2 mg PEA per drop, the PA seemed very saturated at that time and I would not advice trying to get more PEA into the alcohol.

    Just to get the stuff working I tried to copy what had been done and reported at Pherotruth. My spray was delivering about 5-10 mcg PEA when I tried spraying on my shirt last summer. I got self effects at around 4 sprays (20-40 mcg) on clothes.
    My view is that PEA is not sexual, but you get to be a unique person that others love. I think a lot of people need to report on PEA to get this concept described in the correct way in English.

    But PEA does not last very long and it wasn't always consistant, so I got into Lauricidine and HF-64 and stuff and moved up to larger doses per spray as the molecules were now heavily fixed and just a little bit comes out over a longer period.

    At this time I am trying out sprays that delivers about 2 mg PEA in Lauricidine or HF-64. I have also made 4 different oils where I experiment with Lauricidine in the DPG oil or Lauricidine in the PEA concentrate first and so on. At this time the oils are about 200 mcg PEA per drop.

    PEA seems to be a bit different right on the skin compared to sprayed on the shirt, there are a few variables here.
    But it's really cheap stuff to experiment with so others should try it out. There has been reported some depression and there was some advice not to use it more than 2 or 3 days in a row. I have been following this and never had any depression symptoms yet.

    Will report more.

  • Thanks for reporting on this very interesting molecule! It sounds like you've experimented with it quite a bit.

    I never got a chance to give this a thorough testing, and my supply was lost in the move so it'll likely be a while before I get back to it. I recall that I was getting powerful drug-like self effects at pretty small doses. I was thinking that doses in the low nanogram range could stimulate pleasant feelings of engagement in those exposed.

    Some folks reported that PEA seemed to negate the effects of other pheromones. Has that been your experience?
  • I was aware of this before I started testing, so it might be placebo.

    Usually I have a phero mix when going to work, might be Ascend+Vibe or something like that. Then after maybe 7 hours I will do 4-6 sprays or 3 drops (oil) PEA before working the last hours and travelling home.

    What seems to happen is that I suddenly get the feeling I'm more in present time and that the slightly dreamlike state I had with the combo is mostly gone. I cannot really tell if the effects on others are gone too, as the PEA is now doing something.

    My theory here is that the PEA molecule has a much higher frequency than the more alpha type of molecules. The signal from the lower frequency molecules will to some degree be masked by the higher vibration and not be understood be me or others.

    This is just a model I have and might be totally off :P
  • It's an interesting idea, thinking of mones in terms of frequency, and there is some support for vibration frequency playing a role in olfaction - http://pheros.net/discussion/5/is-the-sense-of-smell-a-quantum-phenomenon

    I wonder how you would measure this characteristic, and whether the measurements would line up with intuitive understandings of a molecule's frequency.
  • The model I use now is something like :

    Molecule (at the right dose) = some frequency = some feeling/emotion/attitude/concept

    I mean that the molecule does not HAVE a frequency and does not CAUSE something.
    My model is that the right amount of molecule IS the vibration and IS the feeling.

    So you actually bring the feeling/emotion/attitude/concept physically with you over to the girl and she loves it. She cannot manufacture it herself, but she craves it. Then you come over with it and she loves you for supplying it (if the rest of you is congruent with it).

    My viewpoint is also that a few of these vibrations (molecules) can be seen from a distance, but that's another story.

    And when we are talking about frequencies we will also be talking octaves. That means you will observe some likeness in effect though still not the same when there is a doubling or quadrupling in frequency.

    Maybe PEA is exactly 2 octaves above B-NOL ?
  • Both PEA and DPG are cheap and easy to buy, so the only barriers to testing is time and a little worry about the depression aspect that has been reported.
    I have made 4 different oils and have started testing no. 1 (Green Bottle).

    Green Bottle is a 10 ml that is about 200 mcg PEA per drop.
    It contains 10 drops PEA concentrate 2,5 mg per drop + 10 ml DPG + 4 pellets Lauricidin.

    The 4 pellets took 2 days to dissolve in the DPG, but I used more in a later oil I made so it's not at the saturation point yet with 4 pellets per 10 ml. I then let the oil marinate for a week shaking it every other day.

    Green bottle then would be around 200 mcg PEA per drop if the bottle is 250 drops oil.

    (Androtics says 280 drops, Wingman says 325 drops, True says 280 drops per 10 ml)

    Yesterday I had 3 drops Wingman M512 that gave me a good social/attraction vibe for several hours. I then put on 4 drops Green Bottle PEA when the M512 started to fade after 6 hours. Felt that it should be more and added 2 more drops, now it felt right at
    about 1200 mcg. It's a lot, but fixed in both monolaurin and DPG.

    The vibe from the M512 was now gone. A beautification effect came on, but it took some time, this effect is about objects and lighting. PEA does not make people look cute, as Pagodeiro has described Androstatrione will do. It's more about objects and rooms, they look more friendly and inviting.

    But there is a special smile that appear on people's faces when I wear PEA, I have only seen it with TRUE LOVE a few times and maybe with NUDE (maybe...)
    It's a smile that kind of communicates that every reservation they might have had about me is totally gone. This is not a permanent thing, but at that time they just love me. And there is some afterglow later too, they kind of remember that they felt this way.

    The effects from 6 drops from Green Bottle lasted about 2 hours with a fast 10 minutes fade in and a maybe 30 minutes fade out, the oil is different than sprays.
    I will continue with Green Bottle about 2 times a week.
  • Great testing! PEA as a kind of burst of affection.
  • Interesting to hear that monolaurin can dissolve in DPG, too. That's some serious extended-weekend type diffusion.
  • Yes, the 3 problems with PEA:
    1. It disappears too fast.
    2. It may cause depression.
    3. It may cancel other pheromones.

    At the moment I am just trying to get to know the molecule as I experiment with ways to handle problem 1.

    Today I had one drop Alpha7 + 2 drops SS4M + one spray ConnectionXS.
    After 7 hours I put 6 drops from Green Bottle on my arms. Yesterday 2 of the 6 drops were on my wrists, today all 6 drops on my arms. Same amount, about 1200 mcg PEA.
    Seems to be a difference, a slower and more smooth fade in as the earler application faded out.

    Hm, I suspect more of the stuff might go into the blood stream when I apply on the wrists.
  • Yesterday I had applied 3 drops A314 + 2 sprays Bliss.

    Very demanding day at work but nobody really dared touch me, 3 drops may be a bit much as a lot of them could not look at me. My boss in creative areas and the mega-boss were very friendly, very free communication with those guys, some respect.

    I had a spray containing PEA with monolaurin and alcohol, 2 mg PEA per spray.
    Applied about 10 sprays on my clothes after 8 hours. My experience is I need a lot more than micrograms when applied on clothes and there is monolaurin involved.

    No self effects from it, but the atmosphere was now much more calm and positive. But there is no way of knowing how many micrograms are in the air, I can only experiment.
  • 2 drops A314 + 2 sprays Bliss.
    Great mix, but others are not starting conversations, they leave me alone. I have an aura of strong focus and nobody will disturb.

    Used my PEA spray again, a total of 20 mg heavily (I think) fixed in monolaurin and sprayed on my clothes. About 6 hours after the earlier application.

    This time I got some self effects, but much more smooth than when I have it on my skin. Felt the effects at least 4 hours. Yes, others love me, are very positive, easily understand what I'm talking about, no resistance to my ideas or solutions. Nobody wants to make difficulties for me, I really like this vibe, I'm getting treated a bit like a visiting saint or angel. It's different than a rock star vibe, but similar too.

    I also feel safer with spraying PEA on clothing.
    Can DPG be put on clothing without making stains ?
  • Went to work with 2 drops Aqua Vitae and 2 drops Open Windows.

    Applied 6 drops PEA oil from my green bottle after 6 hours, that is 1200 mcg PEA with diffusion slowed down by the DPG and monolaurin in it. This time I applied it 4 drops on my legs and 2 drops on the wrists. Legs felt funny for a while, might be placebo...

    The PEA self effects came on slowly and lasted for maybe 5-6 hours, I fell asleep for a short time too. I notice more self effects when a few weeks have passed without PEA use. Slightly stoned feeling.

    Did not have so much interaction with others after the application today, but there were a few typical PEA hits, smiles and friendliness from strangers.

    I think today the Aqua Vitae vibe was not cut off abrubtly, it kind of moved into the background instead.
  • 4 drops on my arms from my green PEA oil bottle. Instantly got into a conversation with a very cute 20yo girl at work, she seemed very relaxed with me, smiling a lot.

    Beautifying effect on surroundings, lights and colours seemed warmer, people being nice and friendly.

    My 1 glob of OD and 4 dabs of SS4M had been on my chest for 6 hours at that time, a very good mix for me. The girl's very relaxed and positive state could also be from the OD. She was sitting in the stairs so that I could see her underwear sometimes, but not sure if she was aware of it. She was so consumed about what I was talking about, I am 40 years older than her but the PEA really grabbed her attention.
  • Today I went without pheromones and only applied 4 drops PEA from my green bottle 1 hour before I was meeting other people.

    This was very different. My opinion now is that PEA does not totally cancel the effects of other pheromones. But something happens, the vibe from other stuff gets smoothed out as I am pulled more into real time.

    It felt somewhat naked with only PEA, for me it's much better with some Androsterone heavy mix underneath.

    I later applied 2 more drops. The self effects lasted 6-8 hours, I felt sleepy a few times but not physically tired...
  • Correction:

    I was wrong about being able to dissolve monolaurin in DPG, it seems there must be some alcohol in the mix...

    UPDATE !

    The 10 pellets of Lauricidin finally dissolved in 10 ml DPG after 5 days, with only 1 drop alcohol in it. (I am making an A-thdoc oil, 0,1 mcg per drop)
  • Still using my green bottle with PEA oil. Yesterday I was wearing 4 drops Wolf and put on 2 drops PEA after 6 hours. The vibe turned into a more charming type, easier communication and more fun. But it lasted only 2-3 hours.
  • The self effects I get from PEA (being pulled into present time + slight beautification on objects) come instantly as the drops of oil hit my skin.

    I was wearing 3 sprays of Impi and applied 4 drops PEA oil from my green bottle after 7 hours as I noticed the earlier stuff was not doing much any more.

    In my eyes people are just as ugly (joke) but objects like cars and such seem more glittering and fancy, metal objects especially..
  • Had 3 dabs of Pursuit oil and added 4 drops PEA (800 mcg) from my green bottle after 5 hours.
    PEA is somewhat social, but not chatty. There is a disinhibition factor in there too, as others have noted earlier on Pherotruth. I said a few things I might not have said otherwise, but no damage done.

    But one has to be a bit careful with this stuff.
    I had plenty of philosophical thoughts for a few hours in the evening. I sleep well, but dream a lot. Sometimes romantic content, which is not me at all :)
  • To include my two cents on PEA, as I recently found the old bottle of 25mg/mL solution I made a year or so ago (potent stuff, obviously, used it to dilute), the stuff makes me high then and still does now. I don't mean happy or whatnot. I actually mean that if I dab a bit under my nose, I end up in a state somewhat akin to a sativa high. It actually alters my perception. I dissolved it in something like 9mL perfumer's alcohol, 1mL coconut oil (since I didn't have monolaurin). Of course, now all but a couple milliliters has evaporated or leaked out, so I have no idea what the concentration is. But it still definitely alters my perception. I also get a headache, possibly due to the insanely high dose of PEA wafting into my nose from my upper lip, possibly from the alcohol or oil. If I can find the powder form that mengster sent me, maybe I'll mix up another batch so I'll actually have an idea of how much I'm applying.

    I may use a dab this weekend when I go visit my girlfriend and see how it goes. Trying to wear things that promote bonding, trust, and imprinting, as she's going to be studying in Japan for a year and I want to do whatever I can to make the process easier and strengthen our relationship enough to survive being apart for that long. PEA is one I'd been considering.
  • Never tried PEA with people I am close to, but I have read about "states of love" experiences from party people who eat the stuff in much larger doses than micrograms. I think trust, affection and bonding are relevant emotions connected with PEA, I have too little experience to say anything about memory effects - imprinting. But I wrote something about an "afterglow" earlier so I might have noticed something at that time.

    Please come back with your experiences, very few people are playing with PEA as a pheromone. I have a feeling it is somewhat different on different people too.

    I am not a very emotional person, this molecule tends to make me philosophical and a bit romantic..

    Yes, I would guess high doses could give a headache, I have noted a very slight pressure around the head a few times.
  • I was wearing 2 sprays XiSt scented with his Oudh scent, one can select it when ordering.
    It is a comfortable formula containing som unusual molecules. The stuff was sprayed on my throat and chest. The vibe is a bit similar to Impi or Wolf in my case.

    Young girls in shops were very comfortable and smiling, but the stuff is actually designed to build serious attraction by exposure over several days.

    So after 3 hours I decided to experiment and added some drops of PEA oil from my green bottle, about 1000 mcg on my arms.

    The PEA instantly killed the warm vibe of XiSt and reduced me to a more normal invisible guy.
    But the funny thing is that it also killed the Oudh scent :-O

    So after some time I got fed up with this disaster and cleaned off the PEA application from my arms and gave my throat 2 sprays Wingman X22 from an old togo. They gave those away with orders some time ago.

    A new vibe was now in place, with cute girls standing close to me and so on..
    But to me it seemed the XiSt stuff was still totally gone or cancelled out, it seemed like a clean X22 vibe which is a good and solid feeling.

    1. I have never been able to find anything to mix with PEA to create some new interesting vibe, it seems to just dampen or totally cancel other molecules.

    2. PEA can be rather easily cleaned off, not the kind of trouble that Androstenone and copulins are known to create. But it seems earlier other applications are still mostly gone even after the PEA is removed.

    3. A new application seems to work fine.

    4. Can PEA also remove scents? More experimenting needed here.
  • I stayed away from PEA for several months after reading some negative comments from experienced phero enthusiasts in Europe. For some reason I dreamed up a scenario where PEA might be dangerous in some unknown way.

    Well, a week ago I got a message from one of these guys stating that the concern actually was that PEA was impossible to mix with other molecules, but a good standalone. Ok, I know KMACC has made good mixes for himself with PEA, so there are different opinions here.

    So the other day I was wearing an interesting combo, but 7 hours had passed and it was not so good anymore. So I put on 6 drops PEA oil from my Clear Plastic Bottle (I have 4 different PEA oils) as I was going to a party celebrating a new theatre piece we had been working on for weeks.

    Nice calm PEA self effects, but I think I overdosed in some way. People loved me but could not stay near me for more than 30 seconds. There was indeed 1-1,2 mg PEA in this application, but fixed with DPG + Lauricidin + Glucam P-20.

    Still it might have been too much and I will use 4 drops next time.

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