-Diet- Cohesion, now with 90 percent less androstadienone.
  • This is for the people who bought Cohesion Oil and can be happy with what is possibly a lifetime supply of it

    This is also for the guys who are man enough to not throw out their bottle, because they can't handle 1 drop of Cohesion (208 mcg's of A1)

    Cohesion: 41.7 mg of Androstadienone + 29.3 mg Proprietary Blend of DHEA + None in 10 ML

    -Diet- Cohesion (30ML)

    19.9 ML - ETOH
    9 ML - DPG
    1.1 ML - Cohesion Oil **Thanks to FlysoHi

    1 spray gives roughly around 20 mcg Androstadienone. If I'm wrong, please feel free to correct me. Cohesion uses A1 from Chris: Alpha-Dreams, at a time he got a new batch with a purer synthesis, which was supposed to circumvent the effects of depression that Androstadienone gives. Still happens with me though...

    I went with this ratio, based upon previous experience of using Androstadienone from Alpha-Dream (90% ETOH /10% DPG) and Love-Scent's (50% " " /50 % " "). I kept the fixative to carrier ratio in mind as Pago, Dbot, and a few other people noticed, LS Androstadienone may have a better bonding effect on women and is also much lighter on the fatigue-weighted feeling that most A1 users feel.

    I've only tried this concoction once so far as I'm waiting on some Monolaurin.

    The self-effects from the Androstadienone with one spray of -Diet- Cohesion is comparable to rafting across a pond, where as one drop of Cohesion Oil felt like surfing the pacific ocean during a tsunami. :D

    So far, there seems to be good diffusion even without Monolaurin and I've worn it for longer than 8 hours and have not experienced depression. I would like to report more on this and even see how low of a dosage it can be used for effectiveness

  • I love making sprays out of oil-based mixes so I can tweak the formula -- TrueAlpha is my favorite for this.

    I really haven't investigated Steve's products, but one thing that caught my eye in you description was "proprietary blend of DHEA." I wonder if he's using some 7-keto? I could see it possibly having an anti-depressant effect.
  • Today I had 3 drops Cohesion + 3 drops AV + 3 sprays Glace, a combo that actually works well for me at work.

    SteveO mentioned that he uses a special way to blend his stuff so that the different pheromones come off at the same rate. I guess this is the reason why he has to put such an amount of mg into an oil. Does anyone have an idea of what he could be doing ?
  • Reading his description about mixing secret ingredients in a particular order, my gut reaction was that he is full of shit. But I've never used the products...
  • Hehe, I would tend to agree with you. I have used Evolve, Ascend, Cohesion and some of his socials less than 10 times each. But I'm not experienced enough to detect if the molecules come off together in an even way or not.
  • I mean, diffusion from an oil-based mix is very even regardless of technique -- that's the whole benefit of making them. Think about the difference between A314 in oil vs spray. One diffuses so evenly and naturally that people report experiencing as part of their aura, while the other is like a punch in the face that gets worse after the first hour or two. However, with the addition of monolaurin, spray mixes become much more sustainable.

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