Interpreting Body Language
  • When I use pregnenolone I frequently see people rubbing their arms or legs. I assume that this is a good thing, since people are usually friendly when it happens. But I was wondering if anyone had a particular interpretation of what I'm seeing.
  • Interesting observation. I'm thinking about running some solo tests with neno in the next week or two -- what dose range are you seeing this with?
  • Wide range. Tenths of an mcg to 5-10 mcg.... I didn't keep proper notes for a lot of the testing, so this is from memory. I occasionally got stress reactions from myself and others with neno, solo. For example; a stiff neck. But the stress didn't seem to translate into hostility or aversion the way it would with an OD of enone. People would still talk to me, pleasantly and at length. I think John Schlongfellow has tested neno extensively at way-high doses. mg range. I don't remember him noting any negative effects, except not being able to get to sleep that night. (Make sure to get this stuff off you long before bedtime.) It'd probably be helpful to get him to weigh in.

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