How should categories be organized?
  • Do you think categories are good as they are, nice and simple, or should there be subcategories for each vendor?

    Also, do you think we should set things up with one big thread to discuss each product, or just let threads pop up organically?
  • Okay, I've just finished transferring the contents of the single-molecule wiki pages over here, so that the Pheromone Molecules forum has a nice one-thread-per-molecule format where we can all discuss our experiences in a way that'll be easy to sort through in the future.

    How do you like the way this is set up now? Would you do things differently?

    If you like it, do you think the Pheromone Product Reviews section should be set up the same way, with one thread per product?
  • Looks good so far. Will you update the wiki page at the head of the post to contain updated information?
  • Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. To try and keep the first post reasonably updated with new info that gets posted in the thread.

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