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  • This discussion was created from comments split from: Androsterone (rone).

    I split it off to the Meta section so people looking for info on uploading files will find it later ;)
  • How can I post a PDF? Does Vanilla support this?
  • You should be able to attach it to a post just like any other file. Let me know if the option's not showing up, it should be enabled for everyone.

    If it's anything you want to keep semi-private, you may want to start a thread in the Journals section, which is only visible to logged-in members.
  • I'm not getting an option to post PDFs, add formatting or anything like that. Just for the record.
  • Hey, dbot, thanks for answering. The option is not showing for me as well, but good to know about the journals section.
  • Ah, my mistake, there was an extra setting I had to enable for members to be able to attach files. You should see an extra link under the word count on the edit box.

    Vanilla comes with wysiwyg editor that I had enabled at first but it totally blows. Worse than nothing. The good news is there's a really kickass wysiwyg available for the upcoming version, but I don't want to upgrade to the new version until it's out of beta, and so I'm not sure how long it will be before we can easily format posts. In the meantime, though, if you know any basic HTML, you can format your posts that way.
  • Oh, and another thing, should there be another Members Only section for non-journal posts that people want to keep inside this community, or is it cleaner to just keep anything private in the Journals section?
  • I can see situations where a Members Only section could be practical, but it is not something I feel strongly about.

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