Tongkat Ali
  • I read a report from Wiserd (I think) on this root, also called Longjack. He used capsules as his source and got androstenone-like results with sprays at a 10 mcg level. There is much more info in his thread at Pherotruth.

    Anyway, I got myself some Tongkat Ali extract from Thailand, they sold it as totally pure 200:1 extract on Ebay. The seller had 100% reputation there and my package arrived from Asia in less than a week. I wanted to give him a great review but Ebay had now removed that seller. I just love that kind of drama, so I went to work on my now very mysterious powder.

    5 grams extract and 45 ml perfumers alcohol in a closed jar for 50 hours, shaken at least 10 times during those hours.

    The powder dropped fast to the bottom, the alcohol turned clear and yellow.
    Easy to get out most of the clear yellow liquid with a pipette.

    The root contains several different molecules, but I now had a concentrate estimated at 4 mg extract / drop.

    I took 7 ml concentrate and added 21 ml DPG to get an oil concentrate of 1 mg extract / drop.
    Saved the rest of the strong concentrate in another bottle. I guess I now have enough for several lifetimes.
  • My first Tongkat Ali pheromone oil was made of 3 drops of the oil concentrate plus 10 ml DPG. This is about 9 mcg extract per drop. I feel I can use more than ideal reported dose as my product is an oil.

    As it has been reported to be a bit like none it might be best to buffer it with some social molecules. I have some "Open Windows" oil that is a nol heavy formula.

    4 dabs "Open Windows" on my neck.
    4 drops "Ali Oil" on my arms. (to easily clean it off if too much)

    The self effects came faster than I'm used to, maybe 20 minutes..

    SteveO calls his products "Cohesion", "Connection", "Domination".

    My first Tongkat Ali oil could easily be called "Determination" :)

    I must confess I never used androstenone alone, except in a product called PASSION.
    This is a bit similar, there is an urge to get things DONE. I walk a little faster and I do not get tired.
    Respect from guys, older (35+) women like me more than usual, one of them had trouble looking at me. One 60+ woman just loved me. Younger (19+) women asks me about things, hm, the better looking ones are the most positive.. I like this.

    When I see myself in the mirror I feel my face looks more "predator-like", strange...
    I feel calmer, I do things slightly different, experiment just a little. Nothing big.

    There is also a bit more respect, but I don't really get much of a sexual vibe at this time.

    The molecules are only fixed by the DPG and the vibe is fading slowly out after 6-7 hours.
  • Great report! More and more plants end up having steroidal effects on humans.

    I just came across this list of papers describing the androgenic molecules in spinach!
  • Thanks for the link.

    Yesterday :

    4 drops Ali Oil
    4 dabs Open Windows
    2 sprays A-thdoc (0,2 mcg)

    The vibe was slightly more fun (the a-thdoc ?) but weaker in attraction.
  • Today :

    6 drops Ali Oil
    4 dabs Open Windows
    2 sprays A-thdoc

    No overdose on Tongkat Ali yet, still a very determined vibe, actually rather relaxed and social with lots of smooth communication with lots of people. There is both comfort and mild respect/status in this mix, yes relaxed and free communication. No twirling of hair or blushing, but very friendly interest from lots of women 20-45 yo.
  • Yesterday :

    10 drops Ali Oil (90 mcg)
    4 dabs Open Windows
    2 sprays A-thdoc

    There is something a bit carefree and mood-lifting about this vibe. But there is not enough value/respect for my taste. Or maybe the comfort is so strong that I just imagine there is too little respect ?
    I added some PEA after 6 hours and a 20 yo girl started doing things with her hair.

    I have now added more Tongkat Ali concentrate to the oil, it's 20 mcg per drop from now on. I don't know, but I've heard an oil can be up to 7 times the strength of an alcohol application.

    Any opinions on this ?
  • Awesome testing. And thanks for the link, dbot. There are more interesting moelcuels to test than time to test them....

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