• The pheromone molecule DHEAS is also known as:
    • DHEA sulfate
    • DHEA sodium sulfate
    • Prasterone Sulfate

    DHEAS is the sulfated metabolite of 5-DHEA that serves as a precursor for testosterone, androstenedione, estradiol, and estrone. It has weak androgenic activity on its own. It can also be back-converted to DHEA through the action of steroid sulfatase.

    Most DHEA in the blood is converted to DHEAS. DHEA levels in the blood reach their peak in the early morning hours, while DHEAS levels remain stable throughout the day.
    • Most common chemical name: (3β)-3-Hydroxyandrost-5-en-17-one sulfate
    • Molecular Weight: 368.4876 g/mol
    • CAS Number: 651-48-9

    Role in behavior

    A recent Harvard study examined the relationship between social rejection, biological vulnerability, and creativity.:
    Historical and empirical data have linked artistic creativity to depression and other affective disorders. This study examined how vulnerability to experiencing negative affect, measured with biological products, and intense negative emotions influenced artistic creativity. The authors assessed participants' baseline levels of an adrenal steroid (dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate, or DHEAS), previously linked to depression, as a measure of affective vulnerability. They then manipulated emotional responses by randomly assigning participants to receive social rejection or social approval or to a nonsocial situation. Participants then completed artistic collages, which were later evaluated by artists. Results confirmed a person-by-situation interaction. Social rejection was associated with greater artistic creativity; however, the interaction between affective vulnerability (lower baseline DHEAS) and condition was significant, suggesting that situational triggers of negative affect were especially influential among those lower in DHEAS, which resulted in the most creative products. These data provide evidence of possible biological and social pathways to artistic creativity.

    The implication of DHEAS as an insulating factor against social rejection is remarkably consistent with the pheromone effects which have been reported by early testers, listed below.

    Use as a pheromone

    DHEAS is used as a constituent in the following pheromone products:
    • Alfa Donna, Achar, Alfa Maschio, Certo, Charme, Corporativo, Donna Amore, Exotique, Glace, and L’uomo Amore from Alpha Dream
    • Based on similarities in reported effects, some have speculated that DHEAS may be an ingredient in Wolf from Liquid Alchemy Labs

    Summary of reported pheromone effects

    A relatively small number of people have tested DHEAS on its own. It was included in the 2011 Alpha Dream / Pherotruth blind tests, but the results have never been released. Therefore, results have only been reported by two or three testers. The effects reported have included:
    • Refreshing and energizing
    • Intellectual stimulation and verbal fluidity
    • Stimulates curiosity and playfulness
    • Some mood elevation
    • Promotes conflict avoidance, particularly in doses >30mcg
    • Reduces social rejection
    • Evokes natural leadership qualities
    • Increased sexual attraction reported at 50mcg+
    • Sexual self-effects reported at doses >100mcg

    Where to buy DHEAS

    • This molecule is not currently sold as a pheromone :(
  • DHEAS may be the big winner of the androsterone family for me. I wore it today at 20mcg and found it to be an energizing, fun-loving, and attractive molecule. Quite eye-catching, I found that people were more interested in me than usual. It was much easier to catch people checking me out on the bus than usual, and the clients and coworkers I saw today seemed particularly interested in the things I had to say.

    The self-effect was confidence-boosting in a way quite unlike the primitive masculinity of androsterone. I felt quite self-possessed, playful, somewhat mischievous - like the Coyote. I found it easy to take control of situations in a very egalitarian way. I would say that DHEAS presents the wearer as more of a natural leader than androsterone, which is intimidating but also sparks rebellion. With DHEAS people seem to want to follow your lead. They can sense intuitively that you've got something special cooking -- and you probably do!

    DHEAS deserves a thorough working-over in my estimation, so I'm going to spend a few more days wearing it solo. This is the first molecule of the androsterone family that I think I could generally be happy wearing all on its own.

    Once I get a better grasp of it on its own, I'm thinking it will go smashingly with some pregnenolone, which I am also planning to test solo again since it's been quite a while since I used it on its own. Also some folks on the forum are reporting nice results from doses of neno that are much higher than I've ever gone, which is making me want to test the upper dose range of that molecule once again.

    I could also see DHEAS doing well in certain situations with just a tiny smidge of androsterone (maybe 1.25mcg or so) for extra authority and perhaps an equal amount of androstenone for sexual spice.
  • I bought a bottle of "Super Sexy for Men" from Love Potion and found it to be a very attention grabbing formula, containing DHEAS, Anone and 5 more molecules.
    Someone told me it's a Chris product.
  • I would think DHEAS and Anone together should be very attention-grabbing. I still need to give anone a proper round of testing. It's a classic molecule that I've really neglected so far.

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